Blue is the new Green


We’re empowering people to go green, by making it easier than ever to discover
and access powerful electric vehicle chargers, wherever they are.

What Is The EVIT-Network?

The EVIT-Network by EVIT is a web of Electric Vehicle chargers that will be spanning the Middle East. It is a cross-border network of smart EV chargers accessible to the public for free.

Our mission is to provide accessible, smart chargers for the ever-growing wave of EV drivers on the roads. Our chargers are all connected to an online platform and accessible through an innovative and easy to use app. The app will not only tell you where a charger is – it will also display its availability, status, reservation information, and even provide directions to it!


To Make The Difference

Our Team was here before the campaigns, before the marches, and before the climate change movement. We’ve always cared about the environment; it’s what’s driven us to make change from the moment we opened our doors.

Our Philosophy

We are driven by the belief that by continuously expanding our EVIT-Network, we’re encouraging people to make the switch to electric vehicles, by making these chargers more readily available, people will be encouraged to make the switch to electric vehicles, thus contributing to a healthier and greener environment for all.

Why Connect To The EVIT-Network?

For Drivers

How And Where Do I Charge My Car?

Joining the EVIT-Network is simple and easy. In a matter of minutes, we can connect you to a growing web of EV chargers, meaning you never need to worry about the charge levels of your vehicle. Joining provides a number of benefits, including:

For Partners

How Do I Connect My Business To The EVIT-Network?

The future is green. More and more businesses and organizations are installing EV chargers at their premises to cater for the new, increasing number of EV drivers who have taken the region by storm. There are several benefits to connecting your location to the EVIT-Network – including:

  • Instant, unrestricted access to all EVIT charger across the region
  • Real time charger information - availability, status and location
  • The ability to reserve chargers before you get to the location
  • A reliable and helpful 24/7 customer service hotline
  • Make a major contribution to a cleaner environment
  • Install a charger at your premises to connect to a growing and active network of EV Drivers
  • Attract a new demographic of customers or visitors to your business or organization
  • Increase revenue, footfall and customer satisfaction ratings
  • Incentivize customer visits to your premises or facility
  • Generate additional revenue streams