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Put Your Location On The Map

Put Your Location On The Map

We developed the EVIT-Network by EVIT to not only benefit Electric Vehicle drivers, but also to equip our partners with the necessary solutions and connectivity to bring in new customers and increase the number of visitors to their business or organization.

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Bring Fresh Clients To Your Business

Connecting to our sophisticated EVIT-Network means you’ll appear on our app, helping you increase the visibility of your business and promote your services to a whole new crowd.

Superfast Installation

We know you’re busy. That’s why the EVIT team will take care of the speedy installation and long term maintenance of the chargers – letting you focus on the things that matter for your business.

Become Part Of A Revolutionary

Our EVIT-Network is a cross border network for smart connecting charging stations in the region. Connecting your business to the network puts you at center stage – helping you attract new clients and prove your commitment to sustainability.

Help Change The World

We believe that Electric Vehicles are critical to improving the environment on a generational level. Hosting a charger will mean your business is actively contributing to a cleaner and more sustainable tomorrow – making a real difference to the world around us.

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