About us
Who We Are

EVIT`s Core Team Members are Pioneers in the Middle East`s electric vehicle charging market.

Based on their knowledge and decade-long experience they decided to create EVIT as a specialized full-fledged e-mobility company.

The Team shall relentlessly continue to expand the EVIT-Network, a cross-border EV charging network in the region, as well as pivot parking operations from a high touch-, to a digital and touchless customer experience.

Due to strategic partnerships with several global Mobility Brands and Hotel Chains, EVIT understands that the future of traveling is electric,
and that infrastructure to charge vehicles will be critical to support the BLUE transformation.The Team aims to invest its
time and resources to enable the region to transition to an electrified and digital transportation mode.

Heritage and Culture

EVIT`s Core Team Members has been operating in the UAE since 1996.

Since then, they have become highly respected Advisers, Contractors and Service Providers on many of the most challenging and sophisticated Parking- and Electric Vehicles Charging Projects throughout the Middle East.


For the Team it has always been about developing, supplying and creating powerful solutions that are not only effective, but help promote positive environmental change.

As the GCC-Countries continue to lead the way in technological and social progression, EVIT will be there – continuing to innovate and provide forward thinking services that matter.

Connecting EV Drivers Across The Region

EVIT`s Core Team started the trend and intends to continue leading the way in catering to the growing number of EV drivers in the region. First by bringing EV chargers into parking facilities, and then by developing the EVIT-Network – an ever-expanding charging network that connects EV drivers  across the region to charging points, wherever they may be.

Parking Management and More

Aside from our EVIT-Network, EVIT offers a suite of comprehensive parking solutions and products. From its App based Parking Management concept, to its high quality product and Service offering, you can rest assured that EVIT will always be able to help your parking facility reach its maximum potential. EVIT offers a number of products and services such as:


Joining the EVIT-Network is simple and easy. In a matter of minutes, EVIT can connect you to a growing web of EV chargers and Parking Facilities, meaning you never need to worry about the charge levels of your vehicle.

Additional Services are:


The future is green. More and more businesses and organizations are installing EV chargers at their premises to cater for the new, increasing number of EV drivers who have taken the region by storm.

Additional Products are:

  • Parking Management/Operations
  • Valet Parking solutions
  • Maintenance
  • Parking Management Systems
  • Parking Guidance Systems
  • Access Control Systems
  • and more