Create Blue Parking Spaces

Create Blue Parking Spaces

As per municipality rules, a certain percentage of parking spaces in public areas are now required to be “green”, i.e. suitable for electric vehicles.

BLUE is the new GREEN!

This requirement means parking facilities are obliged to reserve parking spaces for electric vehicle users, and install EV chargers in these spaces. We’ve been helping a vast number of commercial properties adapt to these requirements through joining our EVIT-Network.

The Benefits Of Joining
The EVIT-Network

The Benefits Of Joining The EV‍-‍Network

  • An increase in the number of visitors
  • An increase in the visit duration. EV customers spend longer at the property whilst waiting for their car to charge
  • State-of-the-art, powerful electric vehicle chargers installed in the premises
  • Seamless and functional end to end back office services
  • Becoming part of an eco-friendly movement across the UAE, the Middle East and beyond

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