EVIT’s Hotel Innovation

EVIT’s Hotel Innovation

EVIT`s Core Team Members have worked with most major hotel chains in the region, including Marriott Group, Rixos, IHG Group, Jumeirah Group, and many more.

Our aim is to help hotels to not only generate more revenue through being on the EVIT-Network, but also to participate in the eco-revolution we are spearheading across the region.

By connecting these hotels to our EVIT-Network, we she’ll be able to provide them with higher customer satisfaction levels, an increase in visitors, valuable analytics and more. We’ve made it as easy as possible for hotels to join the EVIT-Network, with flexible business models and seamless execution. We can even integrate your own hotel loyalty program into the EVIT-Network by EVIT App – further incentivizing repeat visitors!

Additionally, having your chargers appear on the EVIT-Network will attract a new demographic of customers who may even just visit the hotel for lunch whilst their car is charging!

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